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2nd Session Saturday 2pm- 6pm

       GAME   TITLE     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .   GAME MASTER

   TIME PERIOD                                                                         Max # of Gamers

   RULE SET                                                                                 SCALE



 1.. CY6! Classic Props!                          GM: Tom Michael

WWII                                                       12 Gamers

CY6! Classic Props!                                 1/285   1/300

Scenario; Green Bomb Group from Breaking the Luftwaffe

4 x FW190 vs 8  x  P-47 & 11 B-17G


 2.. Attack of the Screaming Eagles                GM: Tod Kershner

WWII                                                                11 Gamers

Rules: Betty Grable's Legs                              54mm

Description: On June 6, 1944 a German garrison unit tries desperately to hold off an elite American airborne platoon, with armor and air support from taking their village (which, incidentally, includes the finest bordello in Normandy).  The Germans have the position and some armor support.  The Americans have elite infantry with support.                      Prize: Your miserable lives.


 3.. Siege of Calais                                            GM: Victor Hiris

Medieval                                                            12 Gamers

GM Designed                                                    25mm

Can the French recapture Calais from the English


 4.. Dracula's Castle: A Pulp Alley adventure  GM: Michael O'Brien\

Victorian era                                                        4 Gamers

Pulp Alley                                                            28mm

 Halloween is nigh, and strange events have haunted the landscape around Dracula?s Castle. Can your league of adventurers solve the mystery? Can you survive the horrors? Or will you fall victim to Count Dracula and his minions? A Pulp Alley Horror scenario.


 5.. The Battle of Chippewa                               GM: Lowell D. Hamilton

War of 1812                                                         6 Gamers

Regimental Fire & Fury (War of 1812 Variant)       6mm Baccus miniature

Brief Desciption of your Game... : On Sunday, 3 July 1814, 5,000 American soldiers of the ?Left Division? under the command of BG Jacob Brown crossed the Niagara River from Buffalo, NY, invaded Canada and quickly captured the 137 British soldiers of the garrison at Fort Erie. When informed of the invasion, British MG Phineas Riall, Commander at Fort George, immediately dispatched part of his garrison southward to reinforce the British garrison at Chippewa on the Chippewa River. By early morning on Tuesday, 5 July, Riall began to see Brown?s American forces encamping south of Chippewa on the southern side of Street?s Creek, about 2 miles south of his position at Chippewa. He ordered some of his Iroquois allies to reconnoiter the American camp and they promptly started a fire fight with the American pickets which lead to the meeting engagement that followed. Riall thought he was dealing with a portion of the American invasion force. He reasoned that the Fort Erie garrison could hold out until he could relieve them and the Americans he faced were a small portion of their force and thus vulnerable to attack. Unfortunately for Riall, when he initiated the battle at 1600, the entire American Left Division was united below Street?s Creek. Brown would only manage to get 2,380 men of his 5,000-man force engaged in the battle to Riall?s 2,200 men.


6..Thunder Alley                                                GM: Chad Marlett

Now                                                                      6 GAMERS

Thunder Alley                                                     Boardgame

Stock car racing


7..Victorian Steampunk Adventures            GM: Michael Harris

1880s                                                                4 or 6 players

Home/Convention ruleset                              28mm

Game will take place on 3 different playing terrains, Egyptian, London, & undisclosed third terrain. Players will match up against opponents one at a time while rotating terrain boards after each round of play.                         1st & 2nd sessions


 8..Cross Roads                   GM: Chuck @ Vince Pro or Con

Europe Late summer 1944:                     8 GAMERS

Rapid Fire Modified                                 15MM

German Mech Infantry try to take Junctions being held by US Airborne


9..Zombicide (Marvel Edition)                        GM: Rob Gendron
Fantasy                                                            9 GAMERS
Zombicide                                                        28mm
A cooperative game were your favorite characters (and John Wick) square off against the zombie horde. All players work together to accomplish a goal and exit the game. New players are welcome and encouraged.
















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