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John of Oregon
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Hello Everyone,

I just joined the group, I have been building and collecting 1/87th scale armour for some 40 years. I  use 1/76 or 1/72 troops, but what basing system should I use? Should I use a clear very thin base where the ground cover would show through? Use thin metal or plastic bases and add ground cover?

I also have early 1940 French 1/72 scale plastic troops, which I would like to paint; what are the basics for painting? I don't want every soldier to be a work of art, but I don't want them to look childish eitther.

My wargaming interests runs from Ancient to Post WWII Cold War era.

Look  forward to being a member of this group!

John of Oregon

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Fred Schwarz
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As to basing I suggest plastic or wood bases, painted on the sides in an earth ton and the tops of the bases have ground cover (flocking). Make the bases so you can handle the unit by the base and not the figure. I flock my bases by first painting the edges with tamiya flat earth and let it dry, The I use the same paint to paint the top of the base around the figure's feet, while the paint is wet, I heavily sprinkle the flocking on, shake of the excess and presto. It works well and is fast.

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